The Summa Story


The unique history of Summa LLC started with the one and only Howard Hughes. The iconic billionaire had a special fondness for Tonopah and the surrounding areas, so in 1968 Summa Corporation bought up close to 100 of the land claims, setting a new stage for Hughes’ wild escapades. Then, in a flash he abandoned the land, leaving it in legal limbo. For years the land claims remained tangled up in court without a rightful owner. Today we have acquired the land claims with plots across five NV counties: Clark, Esmeralda, Nye, Mineral County, and Churchill.


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Summa, LLC is a Nevada-headquartered company in the business of hard, tangible assets located in the Silver State–namely land with mineral rights and mining resources such as old structures, tailing piles and more.

As owners of around 50 patented mining claims in five counties spreading across central and southern Nevada (with the majority in Nye County surrounding the city of Tonopah), Summa LLC leases the property rights, minerals rights and other exploration opportunities to interested parties all over the world.

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