Our assets span across five Nevada counties: Clark, Esmeralda, Nye, Mineral and Churchill. Contact us directly to tour sites for your next lucrative projects and opportunities.


Patented Mining Claims 

Summa, LLC is proud to own more than 50 patented mining claims throughout Nevada, which means the company owns the land and the minerals underneath the surface. Owning this high number of patented mining claims presents some unique opportunities for our company and those with which we engage in joint ventures.


Below you’ll find our current patented mining claims available for joint-venture discussion.

Esmeralda County, Nevada

List of Claims

Other Locations

List of Claims – SOON

Real Estate 

Summa, LLC owns a variety of unique properties throughout Nevada, primarily in Nye County. Our properties range from historical landmarks, abandoned mines, properties with an abundance of mining tailings and other resources that stir the curiosity of opportunists.

Goodsprings, Nevada,
19.42 acres

Tonopah, Nevada,
7.8 acres

Goodsprings, Nevada, 20.66 acres

Goodsprings, Nevada, 41.32 acres

Developing Projects

Summa, LLC identifies specific properties to explore and considers possible joint ventures with 3rd parties. Mineralization opportunities include silver, gold, copper and others found in abundance throughout the Nevada counties of Clark, Esmeralda, Nye, Mineral, and Churchill.


We’ll be listing our developing projects soon as we release them.