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Court Quiets Title of 58 Mining Claims in Favor of Summa LLC

After a long legal battle, ownership of historic, patented mining claims awarded.

TONOPAH, Nevada – February 2019 – Summa LLC recently gained ownership of 58 patented mining claims in and around Tonopah, Nevada. The non-jury trial was originally held March 14-15, 2018, but after an extensive legal battle between Jablonski Enterprises Ltd. and Summa LLC, the final decision for case No: CV36740 was filed in favor of Summa LLC.

The 58 Nevada claims have a long history with several former owners, including the infamous Howard Hughes.

Due to a death of a former owner of the mining claims, Jablonski attempted to acquire the mining claims with power he did not have. “Jablonski did not act in good faith regarding the purchase of the mining claims … ” –The Fifth Judicial District Court of the State of Nevada in and For the County of Nye, in its “Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and Judgment”.

The Court found Summa LLC to be the appropriate and rightful owner of these claims.

First Sale: Summa LLC Sells First of Patented Mining Claims Awarded in Legal Battle

Summa LLC sells Soloro Metals the Copper Chief Claim (#2044), a patented lode mining claim in Clark County, Nevada. As part of the agreement, Summa LLC retains .005 (one half of one percent) Net Smelter Returns royalty on the sale of any minerals Soloro Metals mines for the duration of Soloro Metals’ ownership.

The 15.80-acre mining claim, priced at $103,000, is one of 5 mining claims in Clark County owned by Summa LLC.

About Summa LLC

Summa LLC is a Nevada-based, privately held company with mining claims in Clark County, Esmeralda County, Mineral County, Churchill County and Nye County. For more information about Summa LLC or to view Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and Judgement, visit Summa LLC at

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